Empower Network’s Rui Gabriel shares his secret to success

Whether it’s in our professional or personal lives, many of us make extraordinary accomplishments each day.

Many of our greatest accomplishments were made possible by the influence or motivation of individuals on our teams.

And guys, our Empower Network team definitely rocks! Especially with Jonathan Cronstedt as CEO and Dave Wood as the genius behind it all!

During an Empower Hour call, Rui Gabriel shared what he thinks is the secret to success: teamwork.  

Take a look at today’s best companies, you will see that each and every one of them are composed of a great team.

Great teams are vital for the preservation of a business because they serve as a support system, provide additional insight, are always mindful of the goal and will work as hard as they can to achieve this goal.

Rui shared how he came from having no success at all to being the most successful he has ever been in his life.

He also shared an interesting story of a moment where he learned the significance of teamwork, which has been one of his greatest life lessons.

For those that missed the call and want a refresher:

As a teen, Rui wanted to be a priest, so he went to study in Italy and lived in a monastery. Here, the monks didn’t speak, had a very strict order and were very structured.

One day, he was working in the garden and using a shovel that eventually broke.

Not knowing what to do because he couldn’t speak and ask for another one, Rui looked around and wondered how to go about replacing his shovel. After a few seconds, one of the monks came from across the field, gave him a new shovel, picked up the old one and walked away.

What Rui realized after this moment was that everyone in the monastery was paying attention to everyone’s needs and took care of each other at all times.

He could always count on someone to be there and support him because everyone on the team was always focused on not only the ultimate goal, but the well being of each team member.

What does team mean to you? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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Empower Network’s successful year and look to 2015

Empower Network has grown rapidly in its three-year lifespan as a software and Web marketing company.

Jonathan Cronstedt joined us as CEO a little more than a year ago. 

In 2014, we made improvements to our signature blogging platform product. The platform now gives affiliates faster results, with more support than ever before.

The results didn’t stop there. We added seven new members to our ever-expanding Millionaire’s Club.

While these millionaires’ results are commendable, they are not typical. The company’s income disclosure is available here.

We expanded our product line to reach a global audience. With new multilingual features, our platform is now international.

We also stayed true to our company’s core values: honesty and authenticity in our message of hope and freedom.

We lived out this motto by giving back to our local community.

We made monetary donations to Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida and the Ronald McDonald House in Miami.

Where do we go from here?

2014 focused on customer results.

In 2015 we are creating a better experience for you.

We plan to reinvent our product line. We hope to provide a more linear progression and increasingly powerful results.

This year, we expect increased domination of the organic content world.

We want to expand our reach through our one-of-a-kind blogging platform.

Every improvement we make is another step towards empowering our affiliates.

Enter 2015 with Empower Network and let us show you exactly what you can achieve.

What are you going to accomplish in 2015?

Let us know in the comments below.

Appreciate you!



Empower network defines franchising and describes the differences between franchising and network marketing

In a previous blog posts we defined and explained the differences between network marketing and affiliate marketing. We also promised our next blog that would be taking us down the path of knowledge would focus on the difference between franchising and network marketing, so here we go!

Franchising is the practice of a franchise (generally a business with a known reputation) giving a franchisee (an individual person) use of their business model and branding. In return, the franchisee pays fees and royalties for the use of the proven business model and branding.

This is similar to licensing, but with licensing agreements you can sell a franchise’s products (think a retail store selling licensed sports memorabilia) with no actual rights to the franchise.

Still with us?

There are many benefits to owning a franchise, like being able to profit from an already proven business model and known brand, just as there are cons to owning a franchise, like not having any creative freedom over your business.

Previously we described network marketing as being similar to franchising.

Both require an established company giving you the rights to sell their products or services, but as you’ll see here there are a great many differences between the two.

One major difference between franchising and network marketing is in franchising you hire staff to help run your business with you and in network marketing you create a team of independent contractors (or independent agents) of fellow entrepreneurs to work with.

With network marketing, you are paid for the products you sell, and often each time you recruit a new team member or that team member sells products or services. In franchising, your earnings come directly from sales of product and/or services. And the franchisor takes a percentage of every transaction in addition to the franchise fee you

In network marketing, there is no limit to the amount of people you can bring into your business. In franchising, the franchisor determines where a franchisee can sell and setup its location based on the territory and rights you purchase from the franchisor.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Giving back to end homelessness


Empower Network donates to Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida

Homelessness is an epidemic that is growing every day, and helping to end homelessness is a core value of this company.

In October, we gave back to the Central Florida community with a $10,000 donation to Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.

Its mission: Transform the lives of homeless men, women and children by providing crucial services to end the crisis of homelessness.

610,042 people were homeless on any given night in the United States in January 2013. The Coalition shares our drive to eradicate homelessness and helps more than 600 people each night, nearly 200 of whom are children.

This isn’t the first step we’ve taken toward eradicating homelessness. In 2013, we were a sponsor for the 100,000 Homes Campaign that helped communities find and build homes for 100,000 vulnerable and chronically homeless individuals and families.

We can’t thank all of you enough for being a part of our family and our successes, as they are your successes, too.


Without you, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to give back in such big ways.

If you’d like to learn more about Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida go to http://www.centralfloridahomeless.org.

How do you give back? Leave your comments below. 

Appreciate you! 


Empower Network defines affiliate marketing and explains the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing

Many of you may read our previous blog where we described and defined network marketing. We thought we’d continue to down a path of knowledge and explain the difference between network marketing and affiliate marketing.

At Empower Network, we bring the best of both affiliate marketing and network marketing together.

Once you read this blog post, you’ll be able to see what we’ve taken from each business model to create our own crazy unique business style.

Network marketing is a type of direct sales business model that generally consists of a company offering a direct sales business opportunity in exchange for an upfront investment.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing that involves a business rewarding affiliates for each customer brought through the affiliate's marketing efforts.

To break it down for you, network marketers are in essence, running a simple and easier to enter franchise of a larger business whereas true affiliate marketers are more of an advertising and referral marketing team for a large business.

Affiliate marketers are not actually directly selling a product.

They use websites, social media and other techniques to refer people to their affiliated company’s products and where the products can be purchased. Affiliate marketers earn money when someone they refer to the business’s website purchases something.

Another key difference between affiliates and network marketers is affiliates get paid the same amount of money, generally a percentage of the sale, for each referral they get. They may be given a bonus if they recruit other affiliates, and it’s worked out when the affiliate signs on with the company.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t have to buy anything from the company you are affiliated with, whereas, as we mentioned previously, if you decide to become a part of a network marketing team, or start your own team, there is an upfront investment associated with joining.

In affiliate marketing, there is no team building.

Network marketing revolves heavily around networking and building a strong team, and can be done online or offline. The success of a network marketer often depends on his or her interpersonal skills.

As you can probably tell from reading this blog post, Empower Network operates similarly to an affiliate marketing company by rewarding our affiliates via a network marketing company structure.

What style do you think is the best fit for you? 

Or do you think our mashup of the two styles works best? 

Let us know in the comments below.

The income examples shown are extraordinary. The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they’re designed to give consumers an idea of what’s possible. Success in this business, as with anything, requires leadership, hard work and dedication. Since Empower Network wants to help consumers make an informed decision, it’s gone above and beyond with its income disclosure document. To see the average earnings, please see the Full Income Disclosure.

Appreciate you!



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